Nutanix announces all flash model and NOS 4.1 with Metro Availability

Nutanix made two new announcements today: 

  • a new hardware model: NX-9240 with only flash capacity. No spinning disks 
  • release of Nutanix OS 4.1 with Metro Availabiliy 


The NX-9240 is the first All Flash appliance of Nutanix. It has a raw Flash storage of 20 TB.

The main purpose of the NX-9240 is running Tier 1 applications like Oracle and SQL Server

Unlike the other models of Nutanix which can be mixed, the NX-9240 cannot be member of a cluster having non NX-9240 members.

The NX-9240  all-flash hyper-converged system is available today with list prices beginning at $110,000 per node.

The Nutanix press release is here.

Nutanix also announced the release of Nutanix Operating System (NOS) 4.1

New features in 4.1 are:

  • Metro Availability
  • Cloud connect
  • On-click hypervisor upgrade
  • Microsoft System Center integration
  • Data at rest encryption
  • SMI-S support for System Center


Metro Availability enables Nutanix clusters to stretch over two sites. The functionality is very similar to for example NetApp MetroCluster or EMC VPLEX.

Metro Availability allows for a seamless failover of virtual machines when the Nutanix cluster of complete site is unavailable. The solution has a Recovery Point Objective of zero (0). The recovery time objective is very low. In case of a unplanned failover the time to recovet will basically be the time required to boot the virtual machines.

Metro availability is very simply to setup unlike other solutions. It requires a latency of 5 ms and a fiber network. This limits distance between two sites to something like 100-150 km.

Mixing models in both sites is supported.

Metro Availability will be part of the Ultimate software edition. The primary site and the secondary site will need to have Ultimate license.

Details in this Nutanix blog.

Cloud Connect was announced in August. It will create a hybrid cloud infrastructure with many future features. In NOS 4.1 cloud connect is still limited to storing backup data in the public cloud. Initially Amazon Web Services is supported. Azure and Google Compute are on the roadmap.

Other future use cases are disaster recovery and cloud bursting.


One click hypervisor upgrade allows for a simple upgrade of any Nutanix supported hypervisor: ESXi, Hyper-V and KVM.

System Center integration enables Virtual Machine Manager and Operation Manager to detect Nutanix nodes and report on performance and health.

Data at rest encryption enables self encrypting of drives. Initially this feature is supported on the 3000 and 6000 series. This is a often requested feature in finance, healthcare and government environments.

More information here 

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