What is new in VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.0

Early February 2015 VMware announced Site Recovery Manager 6.0. This release has only one new feature besides  being supported on vSphere 6.0

The VMware Storage DRS and SRM teams have been working together to prevent situations where a VM could be moved by Storage DRS to a datastore which is not protected by SRM array based replication or to a datastore with different replication characteristics than the source datastore (async or sync replication).

Since SRM 5.5 it was possible to Storage vMotion VM’s to a different datastore as long as the datastore was part of the same consistency group. Consistency groups (also called storage groups)  is a feature available on storage arrays which allows to group multiple LUNs. All the LUNs in a given consistency group are replicated as a unit sharing the same specifications.

In previous versions of SRM a datastore cluster must contain one and only one consistency group.

Storage DRS in vSphere 6 is aware of which datastores are replicated and which are part of a consistency group. This means replicated and non-replicated datastores can be part of the same Storage DRS datastore cluster. A datastore cluster can now also have multiple consistency groups.

These enhancements make life for the administrator a lot more easy.

Some caveats:

  • Mind SRM using vSphere Replication cannot  be used for Fault Tolerance enabled VMs. SRM using array replication  can protect those Fault Tolerance enabled VMs , but VM will not be FT enabled after recovery. Admnistrators must manually re-enable. Source Matthew Meyer @mattdmeyer
  • VMware vSphere Replication in vSphere 6  GA still has a 15 min RPO and not 5 minutes like in the beta!

More info on Storage DRS enhancements in this blogpost of Cormac Hogan



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