Mind VMware vSphere 6.0 and VSAN 6.0 still do not support 512e and 4K drives

The latest high capacity storage drives are delivered in a so called Advanced Format. These drivers do not use the 512 bytes per sector layout but use either 512 emulation (512e) or 4K native.  For an detailed explanation see Wikipedia.

VMware vSphere 6.0 and VSAN 6.0 do not support these 4k and 512e drives.

VMware published a KB article on the support of 4K and 512e drives. Both types are not supported in vSphere 6.0 and earlier editions. The impact /risk as described by VMware:
For example a workload that does I/Os that are either not aligned at a 4KB offset in bytes from the start of disk or that are not 4KB multiples in length you get an alignment penalty caused by a RMW (read-modify-write) process taking place in the drive. For larger I/Os (say 256KB and larger, sometimes less), the latency becomes dominated by transfer speed and since many 512e drives are slightly faster than their 512n counterparts the alignment penalty is typically cancelled out after a certain IO size.
VMFS snapshot file format is not optimized for 512e drives and can, in some cases, cause a severe negative performance impact.
Lastly, for some guest workloads – like Exchange – the guest will create an IO workload that depends on what drive type is exposed to the guest. Since the guest continues to see a traditional 512 sector drive (aka 512n) this can mean non-optimal performance of Exchange guests on top of 512e drives.

Microsoft supports these drives since Windows 2008. When Hyper-V is used, support is since Windows Server 2012.

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