A first look at Project Enzo: VMware’s hybrid cloud platform making VDI simple!

VMware announced much as a surprise at May 11 Project Enzo, a future solution which is a hybrid cloud platform enabling very fast, simplified  and cost effective delivery of applications and virtual desktops.

Think of Project Enzo as an extension of EVO:RACK but specifically designed for VDI. It delivers the same simplicity of deployment. No more manual and time consuming installation of  servers, connecting to storage, installing vCenter, ESXi hosts, Horizon, etc etc.

Project Enzo uses all the latest technologies announced earlier by VMware:

  • VMware App Volumes (acquired Cloud Volumes) annonced at VMworld 2014.
  • VMware Instant Clone (Formerly known as Project Fargo. A new technique to clone running virtual machines available in vSphere 6.0)
  • VMware User Environment Manager (formerly called Immidio made in the Netherlands). A technology which allows application settings to be available for  a user on any type of device.

Project Enzo  will enable customers to deploy from zero to 2000 virtual desktops on their on-premises hyper-converged in about 20 minutes.

The architecture of Project Enzo consists of three layers:

  • Enzo Control Plane. A webportal running on VMware vCloud Air public cloud. The portal allows administrators the manage desktop images, assign applications, perform monitoring and perform non-disrupting updating.
  • Enzo Smart Node. A software component which does orchestration and  runs on-premises. The Smart Node does a  just in time provisioning and delivery of applications and desktops. It is installed as a virtual appliance and communicates with the Enzo Control Plane.
  • Enzo Ready Infrastructure. Virtual desktops and applications can run on Enzo certified appliances running vSphere 6.0. At this moment the EVO:RAIL systems are supported. Soon EVO:RACK will be supported as well. To enable customers to use cloud for additional capacity Horizon Air (running on VMware vCloud Air) and partner cloud platforms are supported. Last but not least there is Horizon 6 adapter which allows to plug-in to on-premises Horizon infrastructures.


This is a good video explaining Project Enzo


Ease of deployment

Project Enzo enables a very quick and easy deployment. While details are not released it looks like this:

  1. You order Enzo online. Perform an assessment if cloud-based or on-premises deployment suits you best. If on-premises is needed you can order the hyper-converged appliances online.
  2. You rollout the new hyper-converged appliance. Basically plug in the network and power. Run the deployment wizard so your ESXi hosts and vCenter are running. Or you use a current Horizon infrastructure.
  3. Activate the pre-installed Enzo Smart Node appliance on one of the ESXi servers.
  4. Log on to the Enzo Control Plane. Register the Enzo Smart Node . It will then download all the required software from Internet
  5. Provide the IP-range to use by the Enzo Smart Node
  6. Create Horizon images and applications.
  7. Assign those to users


Applications and desktops can be moved from on-premises appliances to Horizon Air and back with a few clicks on a button. Cloud can be used in scenarios when additional capacity is needed (seasonal workers) or for disaster recovery.

The deployment is explained in this video

The scale of Enzo is not known. The video talks about 2000 virtual desktops running on 8 nodes.


The Early Access Program for Project Enzo is open now. Register here. It will be available by the end of summer. Enzo will be Generally Available by the end of 2015.

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