TECH.unplugged. Free IT- event in Amsterdam at September 24!

A relative unknown IT-event called TECH.unpluggged  is now open for registration. The event is free and will be held in Amsterdam at September 24.

TECH.unplugged is a one day event focused on cloud computing and IT infrastructure. Its innovative formula combines a group of independent, insightful and well-recognized bloggers with disruptive technology vendors and end users who manage rich technology environments.

Our goal is to assist IT decision makers by bringing them together with independent bloggers, industry vendors, and end users, and engaging in debates and open discussions on topics such as IT infrastructure, virtualization, cloud computing and storage.

To get an impression of the event watch the recordings of a previous edition of TECH.unplugged in London.

The agenda of the event can be viewed here. A summary of the breakout sessions:

  • Real world Automation & Orchestration by Viktor van den Berg.
  • Building a DevOps Culture and Embracing Your Inner Shusa by Chris Wahl
  • The desolation of cloud by Arjan Timmermam
  • Containers deep dive by Nigel Poulton
  • It’s all about Flash or Trash. This session focuses on technology, processes and basic organization rules behind one of the most promising strategies to cope with your growing storage infrastructure. Presented by Enrico Signoretti
  • Sponsor session by Kaminario
  • Dear vendor… Part of the job of the IT manager is buying infrastructure and it is always hard comparing different solution…. especially because vendors don’t help! Presented by Martin GlassBorow
  • Open panel. The virtualization landscape is changing very quickly: Containers, hyper-convergence, alternative hypervisors, cloud.
  • Alternatives to VMware ESXi? Why not? Pros and cons. by Hans de Leenheer
  • All Flash Arrays – a real market segment or analyst hype? By Chris M Evans
  • Open panel: How IT is changing thanks to new technologies and methodologies. What do you have to do to cope with that?
  • And more to be decided sessions 


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