Errno 39 Directory not empty when upgrading ESXi 5.1 to 5.5

While upgrading ESXi 5.1 hosts to ESXi 5.5 I got an error message:

OSError: [Errno 39] Directory not empty: 

At the VMware communities forum there is a thread about this error. There is alaso a VMware KB article available.

The VMware article advise is to look in /bootbank and search for a folder named state.xxxx .

In my situation there wasn’t such a folder.

There is also a folder named /altbootbank. This folder had a subfolder named state.xxxx . It also has a file named local.tgz.

Initially I deciced to move this local.tgz file to /altbootbank.
At the next attempt to upgrade ESXi from 5.1 to 5.5 I did n0t get the previous error. However the installation was not an upgrade but a fresh install. Reading in the VMware communities forum I would loose the network configuration (switches) and other host defined settings. This I did not like. So I aborted the upgrade.

Reading along the communities forum someone mentioned he copied all files from /bootbank to /altbootbank.

So I did. I copied all files from /bootbank to /altbootbank.
I made sure there are no files in /altbootbank/state.xxxx folder.

Attached the ESXi 5.5 ISO to the host, and the upgrade went without issues while preserving the configuration!




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