VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 released

VMware released vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 (vROPS) at September 10.

Release notes are here

Download evaluation here.

What’s New in vRealize Operations Manager 6.1?

vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 is the latest release of VMware’s integrated operations suite. Updates cover all major areas of the product including installation, configuration, licensing, alerting, dashboards, reports, and policies. This release introduces the following enhancements.

  • vRealize Hyperic functionality now an integral part of vRealize Operations Manager core product
    With the addition of End Point Operations Management, the value of vRealize Hyperic functionality has been extended to the vRealize Operations Manager core product, without the need to deploy vRealize Hyperic. The new End Point Operations Management agent can:

    • Monitor OS, OS processes, and applications.
    • Autodiscover in-guest services and automatically map them to the infrastructure that is running them.

    Previous vRealize Hyperic users should note the following limitations.

    • If you upgrade your vRealize Hyperic agents so that they become vRealize Operations Manager (End Point Operations) agents, new objects/data will appear in vRealize Operations Manager, and data collection for your originial vRealize Hyperic resources will no longer receive new data. In addition, there is no utility for merging your original vRealize Hyperic resources/data with the newly-created objects/data.
    • vRealize Operations Manager does not support initiating In-Guest actions such as Service Restart, or initiating Top-N data collection. If you rely on these features, VMware recommends that you continue to use vRealize Hyperic for them.
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2
    vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 supports Windows Server 2012 R2
  • IPv6
    You can deploy vRealize Operations Manager in Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) environments. Note that all cluster nodes, including remote collectors, must have IPv6 addresses. Do not mix IPv6 and IPv4. Also, all vRealize Operations Manager cluster nodes, including remote collectors, must be vApp or Linux based. IPv6 is not supported on vRealize Operations Manager for Windows.
  • Automated workload placement and rebalancing
    You now have the ability to rebalance workloads to optimize performance and preserve license optimization.
  • Remote collector resiliency
    New functionality enables you to assign solutions to collector groups. Collector groups provide high availability access to data collection for the solution.
  • Single Sign On integration
    vRealize Single Sign On (SSO) is provided as a solution for vRealize Operations Manager with vCenter 6.0.
  • Dashboard and report enhancements
    New functionality enables you to post a dashboard as a report, and post a report to a shared drive.
  • Alert annotations
    Users can now enhance alert context by adding custom notes, including hyperlinks to external systems.
  • Remediation framework enhancements
    There are new built-in actions and the ability to automate these actions as part of an alert.
  • Storage management pack
    The Storage management pack provides you with broad storage coverage, end-to-end troubleshooting, performance, latency, top consumers and root cause analysis for storage devices.
  • Telemetry
    A new collection of deployment and usage statistics for vRealize Operations Manager has been added, to help improve product usability and performance.
  • Management pack file checking
    To ensure management pack authenticity, when you install management pack files they are checked for a valid signed certificate from VMware.

    If you attempt to install a management pack without a certificate, a one-time warning message appears. If the management pack has a certificate, but the signature is incorrect or invalid, installation fails. A certificate that has an incorrect or invalid signature indicates questionable management pack authenticity and should not be installed.

    Previously installed management packs are not checked for valid certificates when being upgraded to this release. For information on management pack compatibility, see the VMware Compatibility Guide.

  • Location of solution documentation
    Documentation for the vRealize Hyperic, vRealize Infrastructure Navigator, vRealize Configuration Manager, and Storage Devices solutions has been moved from the vRealize Operations Manager documentation center to the VMware Solution Exchange. Documentation for the vSphere solution remains in the vRealize Operations Manager documentation center.

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