HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2015.10.0 released

At October 1 HP released HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2015.10.0 . The SPP contains firmware and drivers for HP ProLiant servers

One of the reasons to frequently update your firmware and drivers is support by HP. HP supports each SPP version for 12 months from the release date. I have seen many issues solved by installing the lastest firmware and drivers.

SPP 2015.10.0 contains a new version of HP Smart Update Manager (v7.4.0).

The release notes are here.

Some important notes:

  •  The SPP 2015.10.0 is the final version that includes support for VMware ESXi 5.0. Support for
    VMware ESXi 5.0 will still be available on hp.com.
  • The 2015.10.0 SPP does not contain support for the HP ProLiant Smart Array Controller Driver for
    VMware vSphere. An updated driver will be released in the future

The following issues from SPP 2015.06.0 have been fixed in SPP 2015.10.0:

  • Upgrading Broadcom drivers from SPP 2014.09.0 will return an error in VMware
  • HP CNU shows as ready for install on every launch
  • Mellanox Ethernet drivers are not supported on VMware ESXi 6.0
  • HP SUM fails to deploy NIC updates and displays the error ‘return code-3’
  • Systems with Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs cycle back to POST when booting from iLO-mounted
  • The QLogic P3 firmware offline interactive update installs with ‘update returned an error’
  • Emulex Fibre Channel Host Bus firmware flash component incorrectly reports a failure with
    multiple port cards on VMware
  • HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2015.10.0 Release Notes 6
  • Option to deploy QLogic Fibre Channel HBA firmware not presented for some VMware hosts
    See the HP Service Pack for ProLiant Release Notes 2015.06.0, Known Issues section, for more information

In order to download the Service Pack for ProLiant, an active warranty or HP support agreement is required according the HP website. However I was able to download using a HP Passport account without warranty or support.

Download here or here.

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