SOAP errors in vmware-dr.log

While configuering Site Recovery Manager 5.8 on vSphere 5.5 I had a couple of issues.

I was not able to pair both sides. The recovery site had the option ‘pair site’ greyed out. I had warnings that the SRA files could not be located. And there were errors in the VMware-dr.log . I also got ‘failed to retrieve pairs’ warnings.

And also ‘unable to find any storage replication adapter (SRA) files. You must install SRA’s before adding or modifying an array manager’



2015-10-20T15:22:47.827+02:00 [03372 verbose ‘LocalSiteStatus’] Free disk space: 15057 Mb
2015-10-20T15:22:47.827+02:00 [03372 verbose ‘LocalSiteStatus’] CPU usage: 12 %
2015-10-20T15:22:47.827+02:00 [03372 verbose ‘LocalSiteStatus’] Available memory: 5297 Mb
2015-10-20T15:23:45.625+02:00 [07352 verbose ‘LocalQS’ connID=7ae2] Attempting to connect
2015-10-20T15:23:45.704+02:00 [05468 warning ‘LocalQS’ connID=7ae2] Failed to connect: (vmodl.fault.SystemError) {
–> dynamicType = <unset>,
–> faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
–> reason = “Invalid fault”,
–> msg = “Received SOAP response fault from [<cs p:00000000067cddd0, TCP:FQDN-of-vcenter-:80>]: acquireSessionTicket
–> vim.fault.HttpFault”,
–> }

I could not find a solution in internet.

So I decided to repair the SRM installation. I did that by using ‘add/remove programs’, then select Site Recovery Manager and then select the ‘change’ option. Initally there was an error about the User Access Control. I had to edit the registry to disable UAC.

Then a reboot of the vCenter Server was required. Thereafter all problems were solved! I was able to pair, no more SRA missing warnings.

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