Nutanix as a Service: study/demo Nutanix with few clicks and no hardware

Ravello Systems and Nutanix at November 17 announced a great new way to explore Nutanix Community Edition. Nutanix Community Edition is a free, community-supported edition of the Nutanix platform that can be installed on most hardware.

Now  anyone without hardware  can now explore the features of Nutanix using cloud. Deployment is just a few mouse click.

Ravello Systems was founded by the team that created the KVM hypervisor, the same hypervisor that is at the core of the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor. Ravello is a cloudbased software which enables nested virtualization of VMware ESXi on Amazon and Google cloud platforms. Virtual machines (like an ESXi host) can easily deployed using Ravello Blueprints.

Nutanix now offers Nutanix Community Edition as a blueprint on Ravello. This means that you do not need to download Nutanix CE first and then upload it to Ravello. Nutanix Community Edition is offered from the Ravello Repo catalogue.

Nutanix CE is offered as a single node system. It has 16 GB internal memory and 4 vCPU. The first boot will take about 15-20 minutes. Yu can run severall virtual machines on the node.

So what are the steps required to explore Nutanix Community Edition:

  1. register for a free tryout on Ravello Systems. VMware vExperts get 1000 CPU hours per month free. Register here if you are a vExpert.
  2. Register an account on the My.Nutanix portal. You will need a business email address. Gmail, Hotmail etc is not accepted.
  3. Go to
  4. Sign in
  5. Select the Community Edition square
  6. Select Discussion Forum
  7. select the posting titled Community Edition On-Demand
  8. select the link Getting Started
    Community Edition on Ravello Repo
    Alternatively go to
  9. Select the Blue Add to Library button
  10. give a name to the Blueprint and click the agreement. Then OK
  11. Add blueprint to your Ravello library
  12. Go to your Ravello account. You will see the blueprint in your library. Click on “create application”,
  13. Select Publish in the upper menu bar
  14. Choice the optimize for: set it to performance
  15. select the cloud platform you like to run on. Amazon is best
  16. Press Publish
    When the play button is displayed after about 10 minutes press the button
  17. wait 10 minutes
  18. Select the IP address and port number 9440 and paste it into your browser
  19. then you can log into the Nutanix Prism interface. Use the same credentials as used for the Nutanix Next community

Here are the details.

And this video explains all


Ravello is working hard to support a four node Nutanix CE soon. Ravello will also offer soon virtual machines with 128 GB internal memory and 8 vCPU’s

The pressrelease of Nutanix can be read here.

The pressrelease of Ravello Systems is here.

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