Limited offer: every single Packt eBook and video for just $5

From the 17th December 2015 into the New Year, Packt Publishing is inviting the tech world to explore its extensive library of eBooks and Video courses for one amazing price.  Every single eBook and Video course Packt has ever created will be available on for just $5!

My book on Microsoft Azure and hybrid scenario’s is available for $ 5,- as well .

  • About This Book
    A unique and deep insight into the Windows Azure Infrastructure Services
    Learn how to securely connect your datacenter to Windows Azure
    A step-by-step guide that explores numerous cloud hybrid scenarios
  • Who This Book Is For
    If you’re an IT professional, manager, consultant, or architect who wants to learn about hybrid cloud computing using Azure, then this is the book for you.
  • What You Will Learn
    Understand every aspect of cloud computing, from deployment to service models
    Deep dive into virtual machines, networks, and Azure storage
    Create secure connections to Azure
    Manage virtual machines and networks with Azure
    Discover how to back up and perform disaster recovery orchestration for on-premise virtual machines using Azure
    Migrate physical servers, VMware, Hyper-V, and Amazon virtual machines to Azure
    Learn about new and upcoming features of Azure

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