VMware vSphere 6.5 to be announced at VMworld Barcelona?


at October 18 VMware indeed announced vSphere 6.5. Information on new features in this post.

Update 2:

At November 15 VMware announced the general availability of vSphere 6.5 


At VMwold 2016 in Las Vegas there was no announcement of a new edition of vSphere. However at the keynote it was announced that “we are not going to go into some of the big advances that are comming in vSphere right now, we are going to do that at VMworld Barcelona”

VMware has always been very cautious in pre-announcements of features and even version number of to be released solutions. However by watching some of the break-out sessions at VMworld 2016 we can get an idea what will be announced at VMworld Barcelona.

Last year at VMworld William Lam of VMware hinted on the  version number of vSphere, being 6.5. A slide in his presentation clearly shows the version number 6.5

So what new features will vSphere 6.5 have?

For ESXi 6.5 little is publically known. For vCenter Server 6.5 we know a bit more.

The focus for VMware is the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). VCSA will get many enhancements exclusively to VCSA.

Some of the features mentioned in this Reddit thread based on VMware announcements in the break-out session INF8225 “vCenter and PSC guide to the galaxy” are:

  1. Active/Passive HA functionality for vCenter (VCSA only)
  2. Builtin monitoring web interface for the VCSA
  3. Builtin backup/restore of all VCSA configuration.
  4. VMware Update Manager integrated in VCSA (no Windows required)

At the moment it is unknown if Site Recovery Manager can be managed using VCSA 6.5.

Break-out session INF9083 has some good insights in what is coming in VCSA.

Session INF9044 – Journey to the vCenter Server Appliance: A Migration Story has some details on the migration fro vCenter Server to VCSA 6.0


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