Cloud Brokering & Orchestration Meetup September 13 Bunnik the Netherlands

Weolcan welcomes anyone with interest in cloud computing and Brokering & Orchestration to their Meetup Tuesday 13th of September 2016 in Bunnik, the Netherlands.

There are no costs!

Registration here. Be quick as there are just 17 places left.

Koen van Schijndel of Weolcan wrote two blogs about cloud brokering:

It’s been a while since our last Meetup, but don’t worry we’ve been far from inactive. Over the last couple of months we’ve been researching cloud management platforms, with the goal to provide clarity and insight into the cloud management market.

We would be happy to provide you with an exclusive sneak-peak into some of the preliminary results. And, we have again two vendors presenting and show casing their products: VMTurbo and Cloudyn. Specific speakers and topics will be announced shortly.

Date: Tuesday 13th of September 2016
Location: De Landgoederij, Camminghalaan 30, Bunnik.

Doors open at 15.30 hours. Event starts at 16.00 hours and ends at around 19:00 hours.

We are looking forward to welcoming you (again)!


16:00 – 16:05   Opening by Weolcan.

16:05 – 16:45   ‘Maximize the potential of your cloud with increased visibility, performance metrics, and smart optimization’, by Cloudyn.

Today it’s a given that enterprises deployed in the cloud have a cloud strategy. Only once they begin to migrate applications, companies become aware of the complexities attached to cloud management.

Cloud computing offers agility, elasticity and more. However, if our cloud strategy is not planned and managed properly the deployment becomes inefficient and very costly. Just as the creation of resources is easy, it is equally easy to forget or misuse them.  

Currently monitoring over 15% of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud resources, Cloudyn’s SaaS tool helps companies monitor and manage multi-platform, hybrid cloud deployments. The solution delivers visibility into usage, performance and cost, coupled with insights and actionable recommendations for smart optimization. Cloudyn enables governance and accountability with hierarchical cost allocation management for maximum efficiency.

16:45 – 17:15   ‘A sneak-peak into our research on cloud management platforms’, by Koen van Schijndel of Weolcan.

Together with the Software Improvement Group (SIG), Weolcan has developed an extensive evaluation framework for cloud management platforms and used this to evaluate ten cloud management platforms available in the market. During this presentation, Weolcan will present some of the key findings, providing a sneak-peak into the complete research that will be published later on.

17:15 – 17:45   ‘The necessity of autonomous IT’, by Aseem Anwar of Turbonomic.

Turbonomic’s autonomic platform enables heterogeneous environments to self-manage to assure performance of any application in any cloud. Turbonomic’s patented autonomic decision engine dynamically analyzes application demand and allocates the full supply chain of all shared resources to all applications in real time, to maintain environments continuously in a healthy state.

During a 30-minute presentation Turbonomic will elaborate on what companies have to do to get out of the break-fix loop and why it’s a must to get to a model where application performance is assured by software that provides actions instead of alerts.

17:45 – 18:45  Networking and drinks.

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