Modify the saturation percentage of network interface card when using load based teaming

When you are using vSphere Load Based Teaming (LBT) on the uplinks from ESXi ports to switches , ESXi will balance the sessions based on the saturation of the primary nic used.

However ,

  1. LBT will only move a flow when the mean send or receive utilization on an uplink exceeds 75% of capacity over a 30 second period.
  2. LBT will not move flows any more often than once every 30 seconds.

To adjust the saturation level, use the command net-lbt

Very little information is available on this command.

net-lbt is a debugging utility for the new Load-Based Teaming feature.

[root@esx4-1 ~]# /usr/lib/vmware/bin/net-lbt -h

Usage: [-d] [-t time] [-v] [-s threshold]
-d run in daemon mode
-t daemon sleep period in seconds, minimum 10 seconds
-v run with verbose logging
-s saturate threshold [10, 100], i.e. 60 for 60% of line rate

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