Cannot vMotion nor Edit Settings in vSphere 6.5 Web Client as these options are grayed out in Web Client

I experienced a very strange and annoying issue while working on a vSphere 6.5 cluster with the Flash based vSphere Web Client. First of all,  I completely forgot about the old C++ based full install vSphere Client. The new Web Client works well. Performance is fine. However..

I did a couple of simultaneous vMotions so I could do maintenance on a host. They failed for some strange reason all at 21% . However, when I wanted to vMotion the virtual machine one by one, the Migrate option was grayed out. Also the Power function and ‘Edit  Settings’ were grayed out (greyed out). This was annoying. How could I empty the host with no downtime for the virtual machines?

After some troubleshooting, I decided to try the HTML5 client. This client does not have all the features of the Web Client. But I was able to vMotion the virtual machine as well as edit the settings.

Somehow it seems the status of the virtual machine in the Web Client is not updated when the vMotion fails.

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