vSphere 6.5 HTML5 client showing inconsistent properties of virtual machine

I noticed a strange issue using the HTML5 client connected to vCenter Server ApplianceĀ  (VCSA) 6.5

The portgroup a particular virtual machine was connected to was shown as ‘VLAN222’.

However, the Flash Web Client showed ‘VLAN111’ as connected to this same virtual machine. Also when connected directly to the ESXi host this vm is running on, it showed ‘VLAN111’.

This also happened to showing the wrong number of virtual disks on a different virtual machine.

Somehow the HTML5 client shows a wrong portgroup or number of disks.

On Slack I asked if others experienced the same issue. And indeed others reported inconsistent reporting as well.

I contacted VMware support. After a one hour session they could not fix the issue. To be continued.


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