Dutch retail bank bunq migrates its infrastructure to AWS

Dutch online bank bunq (no capitals) moved in a couple of months its infrastructure to  AWS. The region bunq uses is located in Frankfurt. bunq uses also datacenter facilities of TransIP in the Netherlands. The owner and founder of bunq Ali Niknam also owns TransIP.

bunq calls itself an  IT-company which is a bank that does not want to be a bank.

The move was announced at March 20 via Twitter

Last year bunq already moved some services like  iDEAL, App and bunq.me (fundraising) to AWS.

The main reason for bunq to decide to move to the cloud is the DDoS attack at bunq bank in September 2017.

bunq is a small innovative fintech bank which just offers digital bank services. The number of customers is not made known public by bunq. The company is active in the Dutch, German, Austrian, Spain and Italy markets.

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