VMware Cloud on AWS now available in Frankfurt region

VMware Cloud on AWS is per June 2018 also available in the AWS Frankfurt region. Frankfurt is the fourth worldwide region in which the service is available. Also London (UK),  US East (Northern Virgina) and US West (Oregon) regions offer VMware Cloud on AWS.

For those of you not aware what VMware Cloud on AWS is. This is basically a Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) private cloud service which offers managed VMware vSphere, VSAN and NSX running in an AWS region, managed by VMware and paid in a cloud model (consumption based). Virtual machines running on-premises can be vMotioned to VMware Cloud on AWS instructure. All the features of vSphere as you know it from on-prem are available.

VMware Cloud on AWS allows for an more gradual transition of application architecture towards a cloud native model. This because the applications running on VMware Cloud on AWS have a high performance connection to cloud native AWS solutions like containers, Lambda functions and other PaaS related services.

Another use case is to use this as a second datacenter for Disaster Recovery purposes.

Also new is the ability for customers to try out the service on a single host. Previously at least  four hosts cluster had to be reserved. A host, in this case, refers to a AWS EC2 bare-metal server with two 18-core processors and 512GBs of memory. A 30-day single-host trial costs $7 per hour per host for the trial run.


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