Google Cloud shuts down all systems of customer due to ‘potential suspicious activity’ on creditcard

A Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customer posted his experience on using GCP on

The anonymous customer writes that all of a sudden all of his systems running on GCP were shutdown.

He writes:

We have a project running in production on Google Cloud (GCP) that is used to monitor hundreds of wind turbines and scores of solar plants scattered across 8 countries. We have control centers with wall-to-wall screens with dashboards full of metrics that are monitored 24/7.

He then received “a barrage of emails from Google saying there is some ‘potential suspicious activity’”.

It turned out Google found suspicious activity on the creditcard which was used by the company of the customer to pay Google for using CGP resources.

The customer could have avoided the situation if he used an enterprise account instead of a consumer account.

Google resolved the issue 20 minutes  after the customer filled in a form with credit card details.

Google Cloud has promised to conduct a “detailed review” of its abuse prevention and account suspension processes. reported about this issue here. Also winbuzzer reported.

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