My name is Marcel . I am working as an infrastructure consultant and have over 20 years experience in IT. My main job is designing and implementing VMware and Hyper-V infrastructures.

This site main focus is on VMware vSphere and Hyper-V solutions. Also I blog often about cloud computing.

The main reason I started this blogsite beginning of 2009 is to share my experiences and knowledge. I strongly believe in sharing knowledge. Also I like to write articles. A third reason is for personal usage: information is used by myself when I forgot something 😉

Please to not hesitate to fill in comments after reading a blogposting. I really like to get feedback.

I recieved the VMware the vExpert 2011 and 2012 award as a recognization for my work for the community.

I can be contacted by email at mvdb22 (at) gmail dot com